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Posted by on in Blog

I have always been picked on for being super quite. I have been called a loser, slow, weird, dumb ECT. In high school I had my on and off moments, when I was considered a social butterfly. I loved talking with so many people of different backgrounds and social standpoint, it's something that made me feel alive and truly human. It wasn't until a four year relationship and traumatic episodes, that I have suddenly fallen back into my childhood box again. 


It has been 3 years since the relationship, and I have lost all my friends due to my depression and lack of ability to socialize. For the past year I spent almost everyday lying emotionless in my bed, only to go to work or help a family member in a crisis, but even then I feel like my presence only made it worse. 


I have attempted to go out on a few accations, only to find my inability to effectively and vocally communicate, to be nearly impossible. I feel like I have lost touch with life itself. The empathetic, sincere, loving person that I use to be, that I built myself up to be seems to have vanished. 


I have been struggling trying to find human connection and I can't decipher anymore who is trying to hurt me and who is actually sincere. I feel lost in a good. Even in this moment I can feel my face burning and tightening, and pressure behind my eyes, because it pains me. 


I see people walking around and I want to badly to have a conversation. I want so badly to tell the person I see sad to smile. I want so bad to be that person I knew, who could make someone's day, but I haven't had that strength or confidence. Instead of been scared, intimidated, and slowly destroying my world around. I even quit my job that I loved so much, because people were saying that I was heartless and insensitive, when inside I was dying to speak again and have a conversation, and connect with someone. I am tired of being this way. I am tired of my speech slurring, my mind catching up until after the fact, the fuzzy hazzy daze, the lump in my throat, the nauseated pit in my gut, and the guilt I feel for not speaking or knowing what to say. I don't want to be a negative person to people, I want to be the happy person people used to see me as. The one who was able to speak. I want that side of me back.




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As usual, I have done things backwards ? If it weren't for my obvious giftedness in doing things wrong, I would have no super power. I created an account and wrote a post then stumbled upon the whole introductory email afterwards. 

If you were someone who "knows" me in real life, you would say what everyone says, "She's so nice and friendly, she'll help anyone, she's the best." It is true, I will help anyone that needs, I will never say no. I am unfailingly kind and generous even if I've got no means to be. I get walked on like an old rug a lot, taken advantage of and lied to. I find myself feeling beaten up by life but unable to tell people to just go away already. 

I read through the first several introductions, many saying they had no friends and did not know if they ever would. Feelings of isolation and not quite fitting in. That has been my life's theme pretty much. I was born awkward, I saw people seeming to naturally connect all around me, I was always at the edge of the group standing awkward and being silent. Thinking I just hadn't figured out the key everyone else had already been gifted, it's ok I would tell myself, you will be fine after high school. It's just this town, these people, it will make sense when you're out in the real world. I eventually learned to make myself speak out loud to people when friends that kept coming around me taught me how. I can fake some mean social interaction these days but I will never know how everyone else must feel. I know they don't feel like me. I feel immense panic, nauseating anxiety, and stupider than I can describe. Every time I am forced to chit chat, I want to go lay in a hole and die afterwards. I open my mouth and what the heck ever wants will come flying out, I've got no filter. I have a very odd sense of humor that makes most people give me openly confused looks. I cannot help but tell you exactly what I know about anything you ask, so if you don't want blatant honesty or a little lecture, don't ask. I'm just so exhausted from the effort at pretending to feel normal, I'm overwhelmed by sights, sounds, smells, feelings, everything! I want to stop having to coax myself to leave my house so I can get things done, it takes longer and longer to feel ok enough to walk outside and be assaulted by the world. I'm drained, I'm sad, and I am amazed that rather than anyone noticing I may need a little hand every once in a while they instead think I can take on the world plus solve all of their problems too.





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The “This is Egypt” promotional campaign won the Best Tourism Promotional Video in the Middle East at the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) in China, beating out 63 other contestants.

The video includes footage of Egypt’s diverse attractions, including historical sites such as the pyramids and Pharaonic temples, in addition to its nightlife. The 1:20 minute-long promo, sheds light on a number of unique scenic views from touristic cities that characterize Egyptian tourist destinations and activities, including cultural, marine and entertainment tourism.

Egypt participated in the World Tourism Organization competition for the 2017 best promotional video, with its latest promotion video entitled “This Is Egypt” entering in the People’s Choice Award category at the 22nd round of WTO General Assembly in the Republic of China.

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There are 2 billion people connecting on Facebook every month. What’s more, 800 million people like something on the social media site monthly. Those are two good reasons to adopt this 10 step Facebook marketing strategy. Remember, your Facebook Ads will be the cornerstone of your small business campaign.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Decide on Your Goals

There are a lots of different tools to use when you’re setting up a Facebook marketing strategy. You need to make sure you’ve got a good idea of what you want to accomplish. The SMART goal framework will give you an excellent framework to work from.

Find Your Target Market

The chances are as a small business you don’t want to reach out to billions of people.

Social media generally is a vast space to market in. Even more so with Facebook. There’s no shortage of metrics you can use to target the best prospects. Location and gender are just two of the ways you can narrow down your target market. Facebook also allows you to find the folks who didn’t like your page through Detailed Targeting. The choices are endless.

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On Thursday, The Intercept published a leaked survey in which body camera manufacturer Axon (the company formerly known as Taser) discussed a new software platform permitting citizens to submit their own photo and video evidence to its private cloud storage property,

While the purpose of the survey was reportedly to gather naming ideas from law enforcement officials, the document also contained revealing details about the previously undisclosed platform. From a product description included in The Intercept’s report

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