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Posted by on in Blog


I caught this girl staring at me several times. sometimes she make it obvious and sometimes from the corner of her eyes. i was once in the hall way going to my room in student accommodation and we made eye contact. she smiles and she said " I didn't realize we live next to each other" I said Yeah. I know I should have carried the conversation but I cat a bit awkward when I like someone. Today I was with a group of friends and she came in I said "whatsup jane" she looked at me smiled and looked down and she didn't respond so I am really confused and I really dunno what to do. coz with other guys she seems more outgoing and whenever they say hi to her she smiles and say hi. is she interested and shy or not interested coz I feel sometimes that I am invisible to her and sometimes not


I asked her out on facebook since I could not have a private conversation with her. all our colleagues are there. so she didn't respond but when she saw me in the hallway she said in an enthusiastic tone " helllllllllo I saw your message today , frankly speaking I am pretty busy this week so we can go in the weekend or we can have a coffee in the residence in the roof" just a note no one goes to the roof in the residence so most probably we will be alone. 

during the conversation she attentive but could not look me in the eye why is that?

I met her today we were in a group of friends she is way more open but still she can't look me in the eye. 


Thank You


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99.9% of the time I try to befriend a girl, she most times ends up being a . I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but when it's only one and ten good girls...I don't even care to have girl friends anymore. Sometimes it only gets lonely because I can't go do girlie things since most of my friends are guys.


Like I've always wanted to have a girl's night when how can I when I only have 3 girl friends and they're always busy because they all have kids?


When I try to befriend a single girl who doesn't have a kid, she always disrespects me by trying to date my crush creating an unnecessary competition.


This one time at my old job, there was this girl we'll call Chris. Anyway, I had a bad vibe about her but because I barely knew her, I thought I'd give her a shot. Things were fine until she knew who my crush was. At first, I didn't care because a guy isn't really worth losing a girl friend over, but then she lied on me and snitched on me trying to get me into trouble at work even though she knew what she was doing...provoking me.


Now I tell myself why I had a bad vibe about her.


Another time, I met this girl through a guy I was seeing at the time. I was seeing him, and that girl was seeing his cousin. I thought the four of us could double date. Nope, things happened and she ends up dating the guy I was seeing. It never fails.



Thank You 


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I am a woman in my mid-late 20' somewhat of a love triangle.

Both men I have interest in have been told that I am taking time (a few months) to clear my mind and evaluate things. 

I don't want to compare and contrast the two men but I will say they have strong character differences. Being committed with one person is the desired outcome here.


Guy 1 is from my past, over 5 years of reconciling and friendship. We met as teens and we have not let the idea of us being together go. More sketchy than I would like for a partner to be, but I too am flawed, which was apart of our foundation as friends. I have noticed that I tend to date guys like Guy 1, and he is the original.


Guy 2 is rather recent, a true friend. I want to be fully committed to this outstanding person but the lingering thoughts of Guy 1 are present. I feel terrible about this because he spoils me. 


I don't want to hurt anyone any further!


In a dream situation, Guy 1 and I would be together in bliss and make it work.

In a realistic situation, Guy 2 and I would be together respectfully and make it work.

Guy 1 has been my crush all these years despite his flaws. I have an affinity for him. We would be together if I wasn't afraid of it not working because my feelings for him have always been there, still are but not enough to jump blindly.

Guy 2 hasn't shown any character flaws at all that conflict with my values. I have faith in him because of this.



Thank You


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I am a confident man, I have had no issues making the first move in the past. I have already been married twice and those relationships failed. The first wife was for 5 years and she cheated multiple times. The second I was with for 10 and she was physically and verbally abusive. I recently just ended a relationship that has gone on for 2.5 years, she was not who she claimed. I have to two modes, dating for fun, and dating for long term. I see this new woman as "long term" hence my concern.


Now for the twist, she's an open lesbian, has admitted to liking men in her youth. Even stated she's curious what its like to be with a man now. I do not want to cross a line with a friend, I am not the "Just haven't met the right dude" kind of guy. I respect her sexuality, if she states she is a lesbian, then I won't make a move.


I am being told by mutual friends to do something about it, they are basically "shipping" us together. They already think we're low-key dating and just keeping it ourselves. We hang out alone 4-5 times a week, we watch movies, hit the beach, go out for drinks, etc. By all the reports I get from friends, they state she is into me.


I have been telling myself that she's just friendly and I am deluding myself. Please advise..


Thank You

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Posted by on in Blog


I've been with my partner for just under 2 years and we live together. For a while now I have been feeling very doubtful of our relationship. We're both very young, in our early 20's so that might contribute to my issues with him.


I often find him childish, uneducated and unreasonable. He also isn't good with money which has caused us some trouble in the past. He has no friends, hobbies or aspirations. I sometimes find him too climgy and like I need to mother him. He apologies to me for things very often yet doesn't seem to be improving. 

There is also no passion in our relationship mostly on my part. We don't have sex anymore, but he says he can give up sex if it means having me. I feel like there is no actual romantic love in it anymore.


On the other hand tho he is the sweetest person I know. He's kind and does a lot for me emotionally. He cares about me and we get along very well and have simillar ideas about life. I feel very comfortable around him and he accepts me with all my flaws.


I'm terrified of leaving him but at the same time I have a feeling I'll be unhappy in the future if I stay with him. I feel like I am making a mistake staying in a relationship with someone like that even tho he gives me comfort. I'm really stuck here and don't know what I should do. Am I taking him for granted? Will i regret this? Are my doubts real?



Thank You

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