There are 2 billion people connecting on Facebook every month. What’s more, 800 million people like something on the social media site monthly. Those are two good reasons to adopt this 10 step Facebook marketing strategy. Remember, your Facebook Ads will be the cornerstone of your small business campaign.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Decide on Your Goals

There are a lots of different tools to use when you’re setting up a Facebook marketing strategy. You need to make sure you’ve got a good idea of what you want to accomplish. The SMART goal framework will give you an excellent framework to work from.

Find Your Target Market

The chances are as a small business you don’t want to reach out to billions of people.

Social media generally is a vast space to market in. Even more so with Facebook. There’s no shortage of metrics you can use to target the best prospects. Location and gender are just two of the ways you can narrow down your target market. Facebook also allows you to find the folks who didn’t like your page through Detailed Targeting. The choices are endless.

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