My boyfriend works out and plays football and rugby, so he's like really ripped. I especially love his abs. It's a six pack now, but I can see the last two coming out soon, which makes me horny just thinking about it.


In bed, I love to run my hands all over his abs and even lick and kiss each of them. I love how his abs would flex at my touch. It turns me on so much.


Even when we're not having sex, I like to casually tug at his shirt when we're on our own so that he'll lift his shirt up for me to feel his amazing abs.


The next thing I'm thinking of is to rub my vagina up and down his abs during sex as he flexes them. I've a girlfriend who's done that with her boyfriend and she says it's the hottest feeling ever, apart from penetration of course.


Any girls out there who has an abs fetish too? How do you like to enjoy your guy's abs?



Thank You

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