I have just updated windows with the creators update. I also updated my nvidia drivers.

When the nvidia drivers installed, my display switched into HDR mode.

Now i have a setting in windows to turn the hdr on/off and in the nvidia control panel i have a new option to use nvidia display settings or windows. If i choose nvidia settings, the screen sets to SDR mode, if i switch to use windows settings HDR is enabled in windows.

However, as i have no prior experience i am unsure as to leave the setting on or off. 

When it is on, i have noticed that colours are different. But this could be due to the contrast and oled brightness being locked at values not set by me.

I would like to use the HDR setting, but at the moment i feel that all i am doing is skewing the colours so they aren't represented correctly. But this could also just be me not knowing how things are meant to look.




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