All I can say is, I have fallen deeply in love with a much older woman. I’m 34 and she is 62. We first met as neighbors. Helping her with yard work for the 1st couple months. Visiting her once a week and nothing more. Then she met my son when he came out for the summer. All the sudden she took interest in him and me. After he left at end of summer, she exchanged numbers with me. Inviting me over 1st thing every morning for coffee. Then texting began daily. Went from neighbors to friends in a few months. 1 yr friendship and I started falling in love with her. I finally told her how I felt and our feelings for one another are exactly the same. Except she still won’t give me answer. We are constantly together except when we have to work. And at times she will have me sleep over in her bed, but she always sleep on couch. Don’t know what I should I do. We basically act like a couple, we both have told one another that we love each other. But I’m still left unknown of what her intentions are



 Thank you


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