Whenever I’m in positive vibes, he seems to my good vibe away ( they call this an ”emotional vampire”) once he comes and picks me up, whenever I get in his car uuugh, he always says something that bothers me, example:”your breath smells like mint,I don’t like mint, or your perfume is too strong”, instead of greating me nicely, boom he says something that’s not nice. Believe me I rather have good breath, than not a stinky one and my scent is not overpowering, it’s just a clean cologne.


3-) He thinks women should be submissive to get what they want from there partner!, and whenever I was quiet he said '' You see,it's so nice that you are quiet like that. its relaxing.


4-) Whenever he can, he points out something negative ( He did not do it in a mean or shouting way by any means) but he said:''your butt, you need to do squats to tone it, your too skinny its not healthy, you need to gain at least 5 pounds, I tell him ”I love myself like this” if you don’t like it, then I’m sorry, and all he says is, ”well your going to stay alone” your too skinny, honestly even he was worried, I like how I look, plus I'm not scary skinny.


5-) This one is the one that I notice the most, when I am looking pretty, have my hair down flowing, cutely dressed, well put,etc, he will say something negative, ”what happened to your hair, it looks thin, whats wrong’, your butt is sagging you need to tone it up, Not even a compliment, Mind you none of these are true to my knowledge, my hair is medium thickness, and my butt, is a little smaller after I lost weight, but not sagging, just Normal.


6-) I feel, as if Everything has to be on his terms, I feel ackward having to communicate with him or even have a serious talk to him, these 3 years I have just felt uncomfortable, that’s how I see it, can you imagine we only see each other once a week, or once every 2 weeks.We don't even manage to see each other on the weekends Like normal couples do!. I get he studies Medicine and its HARD, but If you really want someone you make more time for them!!!!!


Anyways, I feel drained, mentally and emotionally by his ways. its Like if I felt empty. I Need more from him, which I AM not GETTING.


Thank You

For More References  Animated Demonstration Video