ok so I have been talking with an old flame (known him since high school) that is over seas at the moment but will be coming home for 2 weeks in October and it seems he is interested in pursuing things between us again and we had good chemistry between us when we dated previously we were just at different spectrums in our lives for it to work. He also offered to take me to Italy with him in March and pay for the entire trip because he knew that is a place ive always wanted to visit. He is very generous but not very forthcoming with feelings as most men are not. Meanwhile a few weeks ago I met another guy who I find extremely attractive and we get along very well. There has been a few red flags here and there but nothing serious. I kinda feel like I have played with his feelings a little because I have been so torn between choosing between the two and I've tried to break it off but he really seems to like me I am just not sure of his intentions with me and if he is seeking anything long term. I honestly like both guys which has never happened to me before and it is so confusing and conflicting because I have no clue what to do. Can anyone help with advice?


Thank You


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