He looked a bit shocked though when I made those comments, and that was the end of our platonic friendship. After 2 months of heavy flirting I decided to proposition that we become FWB. I hadn't had any sex in like 7-8 months by then and although we did talk about relationships he never asked me to be his girl. Let me just add that he's a bit overweight and has a bit of a nerdy/hipster look, I'm more of a fit, girly girl. He even told me recently that he thought I was a "goody two shoes" when he first met me. Anyways, we've had sex about 8-9 times now, and we talk at work, we flirt but he's never taken me out on a date. He tells me "take me out sometime?" and I'm like "Wtf? girls dont take guys out on dates?". If he actually liked me he'd make an effort. Ive told him I had feelings for him and Ive told him that I couldn't do the FWB thing because I was getting attached and he said he didn't mind. However, whenever I confess my feelings to him which have been like 3 times he's always said "well, this FWB thing was your idea so you have to stick with it now". This last time we had sex though, he almost said "I love you". He was behind me, sex talking to me and then he said "I love yyy" and stopped himself. So I decided id end our FWB yesterday and he was cool with it. Today he was talking to me at work and a girl passes by and he checks her out and says "dang, whose that? she works here?" as if he didn't know. Either he wants to push me away or get me jealous, either way I have one question for everyone... How do I make this nerdy/hipster my ?!?!?! I'm so over this!


Thank You

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