I happened across a Kickstarter campaign that has really caught my interest, and it only has a couple of days left so I thought I would bring it to your attention here (mods, if this goes against the rules in any way, I'm sorry and you can delete).


Chances are if you are on this forum (and were born before the turn of the millenium), DIC has played a huge part in your cartoon-loving childhood.


Maybe it was Inspector Gadget, Heathcliff, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego, The Real Ghostbusters, Sonic SatAM, the original dub/adaptation of Sailor Moon, or maybe some show of theirs from the dark recesses of international syndication.


That's where this campaign comes in. A filmmaker and cartoon fan from Australia set out to dig up some information on one such show that he used to watch and love, called The Twins of Destiny, which eventually led to actually tracking down DIC founder Jean Chalopin and getting the inside track on the history of this prolific entertainment company.


They are interested in making a documentary film about Chalopin, the legacy of DIC, and the search for the long lost English dub to a long forgotten personal favourite series.


To me, not only as a child/cartoon fan of the 80s/90s, but also as a fan of rare and obscure series that nonetheless inspire strong fan devotion, I'm really interested to hear this story and so would like to see this campaign succeed.


 Thank you

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