I have been working at my job for half a year now, and since January I have been texting a guy from work, we had been texting for a long time and flirting with each other when my friend who is a girl and also works at the same place, told me that they went on a date once back in December and that he keeps coming back to her telling her that he was stupid to let her go. I let this slide since he told me that he liked me and wanted to date me. Also he didn't know that she told me that they had been on a date.

I thought I really liked him but we dated for only a month when we decided that we would be better as friends and broke up. 

Now my friend and the guy are actually dating again. She did tell hem that I knew about them and she knew about us.

I thought I would be fine with it but lately, I have been feeling so empty, sad and betrayed.

Did I actually like him and am I jealous?



Thank You

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