I've been with my partner for just under 2 years and we live together. For a while now I have been feeling very doubtful of our relationship. We're both very young, in our early 20's so that might contribute to my issues with him.


I often find him childish, uneducated and unreasonable. He also isn't good with money which has caused us some trouble in the past. He has no friends, hobbies or aspirations. I sometimes find him too climgy and like I need to mother him. He apologies to me for things very often yet doesn't seem to be improving. 

There is also no passion in our relationship mostly on my part. We don't have sex anymore, but he says he can give up sex if it means having me. I feel like there is no actual romantic love in it anymore.


On the other hand tho he is the sweetest person I know. He's kind and does a lot for me emotionally. He cares about me and we get along very well and have simillar ideas about life. I feel very comfortable around him and he accepts me with all my flaws.


I'm terrified of leaving him but at the same time I have a feeling I'll be unhappy in the future if I stay with him. I feel like I am making a mistake staying in a relationship with someone like that even tho he gives me comfort. I'm really stuck here and don't know what I should do. Am I taking him for granted? Will i regret this? Are my doubts real?



Thank You

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