I went to a birthday party two weeks ago where I met the girl I like. Two years ago we were best friends,chatting everyday,hanging out together.People used to tell me tat she was in love with me. Then for about two years we stopped being so much intimate,despite the fact that when we met we talked,and always hugged me.So, at the party she slept leaned on me, with her legs on mine, and the head on my shoulder.We cuddled a lot and I caressed her legs for almost an hour. We talked about ourselves. She said I let her down because I seemed to be disinterested in her and things like that. Then I went to bed and she followed me.She cuddled me,caressing my head and my shoulder (under the shirt),then in the morning (three years later lol) she came up to me to have breakfast.Then a friend asked her if she likes me in front of me and if she’d have sex with me.She felt really embarassed and avoided the answer.Now we talk everyday and she send me hearts emoji, but she’s a boyfriend.


 Thank you


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