I am 44. I was dating a 52- year-old man for 7 months. He works with his ex-wife and they have 2 kids who live with their mom.


I always had issues with his ex. I dont know how much was my imagination and fears and how much was really something that he should have cared. As they share the business and everything at work is very close and friendly between them. They also have 2 kids together ... for me this was difficult. too much intimacy ... They had to plan everything together. bc of work and kids.


we had some fights after 3 months dating after I noticed that she comes to family events in his sister's home, such as birthdays and ...

Then he planned with her !! that she and kids go to the events and when they want to leave call us ... we used to go after her. very late !!!!


I tried to understand it or at least accept it. But was a hard time for me.


After some time I noticed that she does less at work, sometimes she leaves everything for him at work and goes on holidays with their kids. This also gave me the feeling that she and her kids are his periority. 


We had our second phase of big fights. 

of course during this time I and he, both, had some stress at work and some other personal problems which made us more sensetive and tired.


Finally I asked for breakup in the middle of a fight and he accepted.

After that I talked to him several times and tried to convince him that we both had mistakes and we can make it work ... sometimes I feel he is a little bit better ... very little ... I get some hope ... but suddenly he changes his mind and gets angry saying that forget me, leave me alone and ....


Last week he said he needs some time, after some days I contacted him and he was angry that I want to be alone ... forget me 


I want to know if there is any way to get him back?


Thank You 

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