To make this more understandable a base dosage (in milligrams) of oxycodone for all other opiates to be compared to. Oxycodone is (in my opinion) the most widely used and understood opiate by BL'ers apart from Heroin. The starting base dose will be 10 milligrams. The route of administration is oral (PO). (If someone has any other suggestions i can change it.) If you have never done oxycodone or want to start with a different dose/drug that is ok too. You may include a range as well such as 10-15 milligrams. 

Lets limit this to only pharmaceuticals where potency will be consistant. Meaning 1mg of oxycodone is ALWAYS 1mg of oxycodone, whereas 1mg of street heroin can differ greatly from other street heroin of 1mg. The main goal is to try to make this as objective as possible while writing from a subjective view point, if that makes sense. 




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