In my original OP, I left out a lot of things, but especially neither of us have our own cars or own places. I borrow a car to get to work as I'm saving money for one myself. We hang out in public a lot...but it's getting to be tiresome we can't be intimate since we don't have any private place to go and I'm certainly not going to buy a hotel just to hook up.


He's just graduating college and I'm saving money. I'm waiting for a good deal on a car/place and am living at a place where I can't bring someone home to even cook or watch TV. We always have to hang out in public.


Although we like hanging out in public, well, we want to do more things, too...and it's just that we have absolutely no privacy.


I haven't been here for long so I barely know people and am just getting myself started here. Has anyone ever waited it out until one or the other got a car/place? Or did people give up to find someone with at least a car/place?


Both people don't have to have a car/place as long as one of us do...but neither of us have either.


Thank You


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