He said he needs some time right now and that's fine. We have all the time in the world. I just spent most of my time with him and I'm not used to him not being around anymore. We spent most of our days together when we were together and it was amazing...we're on different pages in life so that's why it can't work out right now.


He's come back before after some time, but I hate the waiting game and that's all I can do. Plus, no one else has peaked my interest the way he has so I'd likely take him back if he comes around again.


What do you do when nothing absolutely works to forget someone? I've done everything I can to get my mind off him...I just feel like I'm not meant to find someone else, that I'm supposed to do my own thing right now and that he'll come back when he does...I dunno if that's giving myself false hope or what. He has come back before after some time...which is why I believe he will again.


And plus, I'm not in a very good situation to give it my all to dating, either, but we enjoy each other's company as friends. We can't be just friends but he's not ready to commit, either.


How do you forget someone when you've tried everything, time, work, even dating other people and still nothing works? What does that mean?


I often wonder if he thinks about me as much as I think about him because we did spend a lot of time together...how does he do it? How does he just appear to not think about me? He doesn't tell me. How do people act like they're not thinking about someone they used to spend a lot of time with and they can not contact a person they used to contact all the time just like that?



Thank You

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