I would kindly ask for your help. 

**It is a pretty long post and I would be extremely thankful for your help.**

So here’s the deal.

I’ve known this girl for 6 months now (we became clasmates in October). At the begining she didn’t show any particular signs of interest, we became friends and she fell in the group of friends I’m now hanging out with outside of the school. (btw, she’s a very outgoing person and always in a good mood).

But for the past month her bahaviour with me kind of changed. So here are some examples:

-she touches my shoulder often

-Once 4 of us were ‘’studying’’ togehter, I went to get coffee, she joined me, then later

-she often leans on my shoulder (e.g. I’m in the position of class sleeping position and she rests on me)

-we also went dancing together(2 of us) to a social dance, not a club(but btw, we have danced together a couple of times as I’ve learned some moves and since she dances really well, so I asked her to practice with me ‘’my new moves’’

-it happened that she exaggeratively laughed at my(not so funny jokes)

Last week our friends celebrated birthdays. She thought of presents, which were basically funny stuff from erotic shop(even the post cards were shaped as penises haha) which really surprised me.

So then, last week our group of friends went to a club.(nor me and her got drunk) Before that we were hanging out at a park. She leaned on me a couple of times and was also excited, that we are gonna dance later in the club(excitingly bumping her hips with mine).

But then me and few other guys came a bit later to the club enterance. She was kind of said because ‘’we came late’’ I guess? 

Then in the club as a few of us were dancing together she didn’t really how any signs that she wants to dance with me (no looks, gestures) and I kind of didn’t want to either then, since she is an awesome dancer dancing by her own.


Thank You


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