As any content marketer will tell you, ensuring users engage with your work is only half the battle. As such, the research also looked into how much content is remembered, and which were the most memorable forms of content. Astonishingly, we found 80% of people can’t remember most of the information from branded content they’ve seen just three days prior. 




However, the Microsoft research is misleading, the reality is that our brains can house vast amounts of information and we regularly maintain focused interest for long periods of time. Films typically last around two hours, and on public transport, many remain glued to their phones for the entire journey, browsing social media or online news. In fact, the latest figures show that, on average, we spend more than 4 hours a day looking at our phone screen. Unfortunately, the workplace is typically less engaging than your Instagram feed and I regularly hear from presenters that their audience is daydreaming or doodling while they speak. And it’s not just employees, increasingly brands are struggling to engage with their customers – particularly when it comes to content where the marketplace is growing ever more crowded. 






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