I dated a girl for a year, we moved together and still are living together. She decided that it would be better for us to move on, it was emotional a lot, we were both crying, she said it's not me it's her (the ever-lasting cliche). Normally with other girl I would think that she just lost interest, but since she did a similar thing to me about 2 months into the relationship and then came back to me, she confessed that she dumped me the first time because our love started to get intense and she got scared of it.


So this time when she said that in every rational way she likes me and hates what she is doing, she doesn't know if she loves me anymore. And I figured that it is because of another point in the realtionship, where we live together for 6 months and the crazy careless love just and started turning into a real long-term commitment. And this is something that I know definitely about her, that she is afraid of the commitment and has so many doubts about things like this.


So no matter what she says, I have this urge and feeling in my guts that at some point she will come back. Or even if not, we still have to live together for at least 2 months because of our contract on the apartment.


I decided that I will completely change my attitude towards our relationship (or whatever it is now) and take care of my hobbies and stand up for myself. Take care of my life, be happy on my own etc. to be attractive for her. Because I gave her my everything for the last year and you know, girls sometime take it for granted and not find it attractive.


But the question is: 

Should I tell her about my plans? Should I try to convince her to give it a try in a different way? Or just sit back, don't let her know that I want to get her back and hope that she comes back to her mind again? I don't know.



Thank You

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