I caught this girl staring at me several times. sometimes she make it obvious and sometimes from the corner of her eyes. i was once in the hall way going to my room in student accommodation and we made eye contact. she smiles and she said " I didn't realize we live next to each other" I said Yeah. I know I should have carried the conversation but I cat a bit awkward when I like someone. Today I was with a group of friends and she came in I said "whatsup jane" she looked at me smiled and looked down and she didn't respond so I am really confused and I really dunno what to do. coz with other guys she seems more outgoing and whenever they say hi to her she smiles and say hi. is she interested and shy or not interested coz I feel sometimes that I am invisible to her and sometimes not


I asked her out on facebook since I could not have a private conversation with her. all our colleagues are there. so she didn't respond but when she saw me in the hallway she said in an enthusiastic tone " helllllllllo I saw your message today , frankly speaking I am pretty busy this week so we can go in the weekend or we can have a coffee in the residence in the roof" just a note no one goes to the roof in the residence so most probably we will be alone. 

during the conversation she attentive but could not look me in the eye why is that?

I met her today we were in a group of friends she is way more open but still she can't look me in the eye. 


Thank You


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