Hi. I joined because lately I've been feeling very frustrated with my innability to make friends. I've never had a group of friends and I only have one friend I regularly talk to. I have just started university and previously I had thought that this problem would go away once I got out of highschool, but I can see that I am on my way to again spending years of my life in the same place without anyone getting to know me. 

I feel like I can't show myself to others; when I am in a group of people I can barely get a word in and when I do it's to say the most generic things, it's like I don't even have a personality, or at least not one that I can consistently show to others. 

I have not been super distressed about this, I have always thought that friendships would happen eventually, that I would get better eventually, but even though I am making progress, it just feels like I am being left behind; I don't have anyone to share things with, no one to be there for me and I just don't want this to be my life. I hope being here can help me get better.






For more details : Near field communication