I am a woman in my mid-late 20's...in somewhat of a love triangle.

Both men I have interest in have been told that I am taking time (a few months) to clear my mind and evaluate things. 

I don't want to compare and contrast the two men but I will say they have strong character differences. Being committed with one person is the desired outcome here.


Guy 1 is from my past, over 5 years of reconciling and friendship. We met as teens and we have not let the idea of us being together go. More sketchy than I would like for a partner to be, but I too am flawed, which was apart of our foundation as friends. I have noticed that I tend to date guys like Guy 1, and he is the original.


Guy 2 is rather recent, a true friend. I want to be fully committed to this outstanding person but the lingering thoughts of Guy 1 are present. I feel terrible about this because he spoils me. 


I don't want to hurt anyone any further!


In a dream situation, Guy 1 and I would be together in bliss and make it work.

In a realistic situation, Guy 2 and I would be together respectfully and make it work.

Guy 1 has been my crush all these years despite his flaws. I have an affinity for him. We would be together if I wasn't afraid of it not working because my feelings for him have always been there, still are but not enough to jump blindly.

Guy 2 hasn't shown any character flaws at all that conflict with my values. I have faith in him because of this.



Thank You


For More References Infographic Animation Video