I fell in love her and i can't tell her cuz i'm afraid to lose our friendship .oh and she also used to give me advices and stuff on the girl that i used to like 

and i followed them, the girl and i hooked up for 1 year i guess , but after 5 months or something it changed and i didn't really feel myself when i'm with that girl.. it started to feel like i'm inside a prison or something. so i kinda stopped or paused my relationship with that girl 

( kinda like a cool off or something like a rest ) .. and i really felt more like myself when i was with my best friend . my best friend knows what i did but she didn't know that i have feelings for her and the reason why i stopped .And she kinda wants me to make it work with that girl ughhh i can't tell her i love her because of that, plus that girl used to be her best friend...

and my best friend is gone and i really really miss her , she transferred to a different school

which is really far from our hometown , that means i can't go to see her

anymore.. what should i do..




Thank You

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