Anyone here remember The Littlest Tramp episode of Mighty Mouse: All New Adventures (the 80s Bakshi one on CBS)? when i saw this episode 30 years ago at age 5 when that lovely mouse lady named Polly married a human man named Murray then him kissin' her as they hugged at the end, it really opened my mind along with Beauty and the Beast TV show with Ron Perlman/Linda Hamilton (hey i had thing for her back then and it featured a monster man and human woman in love) on Catherine/Vincent, Alan and Madison in Splash (mermaid X human), Kit and Rene on Animalympics (lioness person and goat person) and Star Trek TNG (alien beings of all races/species romancing different ones even human beings) as proof love doesn't have to be the same species or race for appearance don't matter.


And a few fools thought Murray and Polly's romance is "beastality", NO i don't consider it beastality as Polly is a sapient mouse person and both her with him are consenting adults plus sapient mammal beings, beastality is only for 4 legged regular ordinary lower animal creature like a plain everyday ordinary beagle on 4 legs/barks plus all that as it's a thing that isn't humanoid nor can consent and would be disgusting for a person to romance an regular ordinary dog as not even a xeno or anthro would ever romance a regular 4 legged dog.


I applaud Bakshi and the other writers/makers doing such a risk for a couple on Mighty Mouse the all new adventures with the balls to show love is love no matter what species/race of being you are, same for the makers of Star Trek TNG, Beauty and the Beast CBS show and all that even the makers of Alien Nation the series with Cathy and Matt being a human male and an alien female to Roger Rabbit X Jessica Rabbit when i saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit in theaters as a kid as Roger and Jessica are another good example of interspecies romance.



 Thank you

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