I just want to ask. I met this bisexual girl online and asked each other what are we doing in the online app and she said that she's looking for some girls to hang out with or be sexual, I told her that anything goes, and we constantly messaging each other (since she lives 3 hours drive away from me), if we don't talk or chat for days, she will message me and ask me how I am and what are my plans. I asked her one time if she is dating someone and she told me no and she asked me back and I told her no too then she sent me a kiss emoji.


When she visited the state that I am living, we meet up and I noticed that she keeps on staring at me and notices little things that I have (my hair, clothes, watch) and she even compliments me that I am pretty, and I don't feel like she wants me to be sexually on her but I felt like she's decent. I was amazed that she remembers everything that I told her when we were just messaging. We just talk and she even told me her whole name and ask mine.


After a few days, she asked me out again.


When she goes back to her place, we still get in touch. And whenever we chat/message each other she replies but it will took for about 30 mins to an hour.


I know we haven't know much about each other but I find her really interesting and nice. I am not sure whether she's interested on me or she's just being friendly. I am scared to ask her because I don't want to look stupid.



Thank you


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