As the title says, do you think this new Transformation that Goku's going to achieve to be the first ever transformation with an officially-given/stated multiplier WITHIN the series? Keep in mind that the multipliers we have for Super Saiyan 1-3 all originated in guidebooks and what not, and never in the series itself. Hell SSJ God and SSJ Blue have no confirmed multipliers ar all.


Now the reason i'm asking and assuming this, is because this "new Form" is (most likely!) going to be heavily Kaioken related. So Kaioken is going to play a very huge role in it, especially with all the red aura's and the whole "limit breaking" talk. And since Kaioken's sole purpose is to "multiply" someones power and literally what the technique is all about, and this time we actually get a TRANSFORMATION revolving it (also multipliers)


Do you think we may actually get our first ever, officially-given multiplier for a new Transformation within the actual series?

And if so, how high do you think it will be? Like 100 times? 200 times? A 1000 times!?


Also, would you prefer Goku to be Red, or Purple? Given that it's a combination of Blue and Red?


Let me know your thoughts? Let's speculate guys!



 Thank you


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