This might be a long read and it's more for me to get this all off my chest and get some feedback to what people think i should do so here we go.. Me and this girl (sara) have had a thing all through highschool we met in middle school and were awesome friends we would date off and on but just little BS kept us apart. We both loved each other told one another many times.

well fast forwarding to senior year my at the time "bestfriend" started dating her knowing how i felt about her he did it anyway, she gets pregnant him and her are not in the best relationship but she always tells me she wants to be with him for the sake of the baby which i fully understood they end up breaking up and me and Sarah start dating we dated all through the summer and a little longer maybe 5-6 months the happiest ive ever been im about to start school where i have to move an hour away and she starts acting weird and the worse came; we broke up. We didn't talk for a month or so after that I was heart broken. I later find out she's getting married to the father of the child which just killed me more inside. a couple weeks later we're at the same party we end up talking about everything she explains why we broke up she thought her having a kid would hold me back from trying to do well in school and that i'd be meeting new people.

Her new husband joins the marines while hes gone me and her start talking a lot again (we did nothing sexually i would never while someone is in the military) but we talk a lot just like we use to and it turns to how of course she still loves me wishes she would never left me she always says her life is just in a very confusing spot and i know it is. Once he gets back we stop talking again but one of my other good friends tell me she was talking to him at a get together and she was saying how she isnt sure how long the marriage is going to last he hasn't matured at all like she'd hoped and she still really loves me... So i kind of rapped the story up quick in the end but if the marriage does end what do you think i should do? I mean this is the only girl I've ever loved and there isn't a day i dont think about her at least once.. I need some advice.


Thank You


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