I met a girl in my spanish class 4 years ago, we didn’t talk much, but I liked her, the first and only girl that I have honestly liked. I lost a bet, so I had to whistle to her 2 times and she managed to see me. Then she came with a few friends, she was smiling, and calling my name, but I was very shy and just walked to my classroom. After a few days I was forced to change school because I was moving to another place. So I lost hope of ever trying to get together with her. But everything changed when I saw her again when I got to high school 2 years ago. And in these 2 years that I have been in high school, I have never talked to her. However, I catch her staring at me very frequently, YES FOR 2 YEARS, and I stare a lot as well. I noticed that she was staring at me and ignoring her friends a little today, so I really started to lose my patience since I graduate in may, and then I go to college.


Should I approach her? does she like me back? we have shy personalities, how do i proceed?


 Thank you


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