I have been having a snapchat account for a while now, but I really don't use it. Yesterday, my girlfriend and I were playing around with it on my phone. She went through my friends list (all 7 people) and saw that I had an x girlfriend still on it. I was genuinely unaware that she was there. I probably added my x on it when were were dating and just didn't think about taking her off. 


Please help! She is furious and ending the relationship is actually being discussed. She passionately believes that I added the x girlfriend since we've met and have been communicating with her through it. She believes that because she says that I showed her who was on my friends list and she wasn't there before. I honestly don't remember that, but I do know that we did play around on snapchat before. Is there any way to be able to tell when someone was added as a friend on snapchat? Or any other way that you guys could think of to be able to show her that she's been there all along and it just got overlooked? Anything?



Thank You

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