sitting there doing nothing but auto shot and having his pet attack earns the same amount of xp in a dungeon as the tank who is doing 50% of the groups damage as well as doing the majority of work. I am lvling a feral tank atm, was recently in an SM group where the 3 dps were afk half the time, and when they were participating it was extremely poor performance. The healer and I essentially 2 manned the place. So, does anyone else think tanks and healers should receive an xp boost for perfoming that role? Similar to the goodie bag tanks and healers can get at 85. This would also speed up que times which would make everyone happy  And to those who say "tanks do more dmg than everyone at low lvls because of vengeance and aoes", it is true they do a fair amount of damage but a dps who is actually trying can still come close to or exceed the tanks damage. Just tired of carrying lazy players


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