A return to the larger raids, like Ulduar or ICC, making it feel like a journey though such raids.

– Class uniqueness, making it feel each class serves a needed purpose, rather then homogenizing them

– A return of loved lore characters and them actully doing something again, ones like Illidan, Rexxar, Saurfang, Turalyon, Alleria Windrunner, Nazgrel and the like.

– Pvp being more about the actual fighting rather then gimmicks in battlegrounds to give us an advantage, how is standing around in a courtyard in TB waiting for something to happen or firing off seige engines or shooting from gun turrets meant to be about pvp?

– World pvp, at least something on par with wintergrasp where its a central concept to the zones we’re.

– Content outside of dungeons and raids is always a must, but if they could make grinding dungeons less needed and give us more to do outside dungeons, kind of like how it felt in tbc (least to me it did) there be more reason to look forward to doing a daily heroic.


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