For those of you not familiar with Sprout, it's a preschool network owned by NBCUniversal that's only available in America. It used to be a joint-venture between PBS, Sesame Workshop, Hit Entertainment and Comcast, but then NBCUniversal bought all of their stakes in the network. Ever since then, the network has been crappier - from endless marathons to poor show timeslots, they've become the preschool version of Cartoon Network in terms of scheduling. So if I were in charge, I would:

Remove some shows as they are no longer being desired on the channel.

Possibly give it a rebrand as I never liked their current brand to begin with.

Add some of DreamWorks Animation's preschool shows as NBCUniversal owns DreamWorks now.

And most importantly, change the schedule because the current one is kinda crappy.


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