this girl and i were talking like dayle alot we didnt go to each others homes (religion traditions) , her mom thinks we dont talk but feels it, i told he we dont , her mom talked to me couple of months ago and said dont talk with my girl let her finish her collage (which she started and will finish in 3 years and a half) after that if there was a real thing and u came back talking with eachother then the girl will decide, her mom told me dont ever text her or see here atall not even once a week This will distract her from collage, the girl wants me as much as i want her, 

now if we didnt speak for 3 years till she finishes collage and i came back after 3 years , im sure the girl will forget me or will be engaged to someone else forsure,! i cant not talk to her for 3 years i just cant,. its been a day and im gonna explode. the girl is crying . and so am i, i really want her real bad. her mom said if i felt you are talking again i will hate you for the rest of my life... and bad things will happen. what do i do.? please help

Thank You



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