"horrible pain" and he is just a baby overall when sick. I don't SAY that to him- I take care of him but I know it's true. I try not to complain much and if I am truly sick I just tend to hole up and want to be alone until I am better. I just try to accept we are two different people who handle things differently). I went to a specialist 3 weeks ago thinking I had a thyroid problem only to find out I have Type 1 Diabetes yesterday. I know this isn't necessarily "life threatening" but it is "life changing" for me. 1. I am from the south (everything is in a roux and we eat it over rice! lol) so food in general is going to be a HUGE change. 2. My fiance and I like to use the margarita machine and have 2-4 drinks every week-end (not every night but we usually make a batch or 2 on the week-ends) and that will end. Overall I was just upset because I went in thinking I could take a pill to regulate my thyroid only to find out I had to make major life changes. When we were told no more drinking, he just kind of looked at me and smiled. When we left the office, I was very upset and he just started talking about other things. When we got back to his house (I had planned to eat there), he kept doing the same thing. He finally said something like "it's going to be fine. Don't worry until you talk to the other doctor" (I am being sent to one who specializes in this). And I said "Do you realize this changes EVERYTHING I eat? No cokes, fruit juice, rice and gravy, biscuits, etc. Nothing that we normally eat?" He just kind of smiled, hugged me, and then turned on the TV and started talking about some movie that was on.

I sat there for a few minutes very hurt and then he asked me if I wanted to eat (rice and gravy on the stove btw) and I said no, I wasn't hungry and wanted to leave. He acted like he was mad that I was leaving (like I was being ridiculous to be upset) but I was upset that he was blowing me off (changing the subject, turning on the TV, etc) instead of talking to me or at least listening to me while I was upset.

I left and haven't talked to him since. He has tried calling a couple times but I just text and told him I had a headache and wanted to rest because I know he will just act like nothing is wrong and avoid the entire subject.


I am now having so many doubts about him. Anytime he is sick, I stop what I am doing to help him (yes, I am a nurturer) and although I don't expect to be babied and taken care of, I do expect my partner to be sympathetic and act like he cares instead of acting like if it's me, that it's no big deal. I am worried that if I do marry him and I do have some major illness, I will have no emotional support and will end up resenting him. I love him but I am very disappointed he isn't there for me emotionally when I really need him. Am I overreacting? Is this normal behavior for men?


Thank You

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