There is a hot guy I saw at my uni last week. He's really handsome and I never saw him until last week when he was buying something in the canteen and I felt someone was looking at me and I saw him looking at me.

That same day , both of us were sitting in the same area ( he was with his friend and I was with mine) and I noticed him look at me once or twice.

He left with his friend a few minutes later but when he went to get his phone, our eyes met as I caught him looking over at me.


I didn't see him for the next three days but yesterday I saw him and as usual he looked at me. He was doing some decorative work in the canteen and today I saw him talking with a group of people and I noticed him notice me when I passed by him in the morning and afternoon. 


I really like him but I'm shy to speak to him. He is definitely a PHD or MSc student but he looks much older than me though (hes probably 25-26 but looks older I guess as he is scruffy and keeps a manbun). and he isn't helping much as all he does is stare at me. Like whenever I pass by or I am near by him, he definitely gives me a look.


What should I make of this? Does he find me attractive or he likes me?



Thank You


For More References  whiteboard video