I've known this guy for almost almost a year now, and we've gotten quite close over the past few months after he broke up with his ex in November. And we've hung out alone a few times. He told me that I'm easy to talk to and that he can be himself around me, and I thought we could be more than friends.


But we're both in this club that meets every week, and so is his ex. And he'd often go talk to her, or she'd go up to him, and they're always laughing together. He & I also talk but I can count the times he's approached his ex more than me. I know that they hung out a couple times & he put it on snapchat, and he gave her rides. And even when they don't interact, he always rushes to leave immediately after each meeting and doesn't care to socialize.


Is he still not over his ex? Not interested in me? Did he just say all those things platonically?



Thank You


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